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  • Christmas
  • Family First
  • Fishing with Caiden
  • Joseph’s Family
  • Babies
  • Biking
  • Joe and Family
  • Caiden
  • Joe with Grandkids
  • Jus’ Fishin’
  • Joe’s Children
  • Joe and Children
  • Joe, Rita and Caiden
  • Family at church
  • Leslie and Family Christmas
  • Joe and Reta – gate – travel
  • Joe & Caiden Snow
  • Joe and Sleepy Caiden
  • Caiden in the pumpkin patch
  • Lesilie Caiden Snowman
  • Leslie’s family Alaska
  • Joe and Reta Alaska
  • Joe and Reta close up
  • Caiden – Barn- more
  • Joe – Reta Christmas tree
  • Old timey days – joes children
  • Beach – Joe and Reta
  • Joseph and daughter in law – close up
  • Joe and Reta close up
  • Joseph and wife reindeer
  • Joe and Rita mountains
  • Caiden and Parents
  • Christmas Children with Reta
  • Christmas daughter and husband
  • #12 caiden fish
  • joe and Reta boat
  • joe and Reta dining out
  • Caiden on Tractor
  • Joe/Reta Beach
  • #6 Joe Fish
  • Joe golf Caiden
  • Joe/Reta mountains motorcycle
  • Reta shucks corn
  • caiden kissing Reta

My Mountain Family

Family, what an word that stirs our emotions. God has richly blessed me with a loving and supportive family. My wife Reta was my first date and truly my “soul mate”. I am truly blessed and wanted to share with you several pictures so you would get to know us. We love the outdoors and these majestic mountains. Faith and family move me to serve and protect the freedom we all enjoy.

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